3D printer products Polishing


Take your AM product to the next level

Complex flow paths exceed expectations.

For the past seven years, we have been polishing 3D printer products such as cooling water pipes with complex shapes (e.g., 180°turn U-shape), which other companies cannot do.

Extensive polishing experience

3D metal laminated products

Aerospace & Defense

heavy industry

Precision Ceramic Parts

Automotive Parts

Supported range

Inner diameter: Φ0.1 to Φ4mm (Φ10 will be supported in the future)
Total length: 10 to 2000mm
Surface roughness: Ra0.1 is available (consult us)
Material: Maraging steel, Inconel, stainless steel, Ti, Al, Ni, Cu base, etc.

Internal polishing, descaling, and mirror finishing,
and dimensional cross-adjustment in a single process.




Parts: AM cooling water pipe

← Slide while tapping the center bar →

Slide while tapping the center bar
← →

AM冷却水管 流体研磨前 AM冷却水管 流体研磨後

A major advantage you gain by letting us handle your project.
Great potential for 3D printer products

added value

Commercialization by problem solving.
New developments can be expected due to its high versatility.

time reduction

Superior polishing power shortens polishing time compared to other companies’ polishing methods.

cost reduction

Reduction of outsourcing and contracting costs. Reduced labor costs and increased production efficiency through easy-to-operate, fully automated management.


Only water and abrasives are used, no chemical solvents are used, and low running costs are achieved in consideration of the environment and safety.

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